23o Φεστιβλ Φολκλορικν Συγκροτημτων Κρκυρας---27/10/2022
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Home Page

Our club was founded in 1985 by two families of Gymnastics teachers, Mr. Dimitris Kantas and Mrs. Mary Kanta and Mr. Nikos Perros and Mrs. Efi Pantelidou-Perrou, with the objective of rescuing and diffusion the rich cultural folk heritage of Greece.

Short afterwards we created dance groups of young children and nowadays we are proud of the remarkable number of children who have followed Greek dance courses in our club.

Right now, our club has eight dance groups (4 children groups, 2 teenager groups and 2 adult groups), while at the same time the sport branch of our club is represented by a handball team

Besides, the offer of our club in the field of folk research is remarkable. We have to point out the publication by our president, Mr. Dimitris Kantas, of a particularly significant album of the Corfu traditional costumes, aw well as the publication of a CD with original music and songs of our island.


A few words about our name


Homer, in the IX rhapsody of his Odyssey, describes how Ulysses was shipwrecked on the island of the Phaeacians, currently Corfu. Princess Nausica, daughter of King Alkinoos, offered him hospitality in the palace, where sport and cultural events took place to honour Ulysses. Laodamas, the young son of the King, being an excellent athlete and dancer, participated in those events and was applauded by spectators and noblemen.



Λαογραφία Κέρκυρας

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