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16th Congress

International Congress on Dance Research: "Dance as Intangible Heritage".
Corfu, GREECE, 30 Oct - 3 Nov 2002.

The 16th annual Congress on Dance Research is jointly organised by the International Organisation of Folk Art and the International Dance Council (CID) UNESCO, in collaboration with the national Greek Dances Theatre "Dora Stratou" and the "Laodamas" Dance Company. This is a major international event in dance scholarship, gathering every year approximately 250 specialists from 25 countries.

The program will include:

  • Presentation and discussion of original research papers.
  • Teaching of dances encountered during field research.
  • Appearances of selected groups of villagers executing their own dances.
  • Demonstrations, video and film projections, discussions.
  • Visits to places of special interest, such as dance schools, museums, ensembles etc.
  • Evenings where congress participants dance with music by local musicians.
  • Exhibitions of books, records, pictures, costumes, accessories etc.

Research papers submitted may have as topics:

  • Research conducted according to scientific methodology (ethnographic, sociological, historical, paedagogical, psychological, medical etc.)
  • Presentation of unpublished information on dance as related to other topics such as music, costume, theatre etc.
  • Organisational, artistic, social, scientific, educational, economic and other approaches based on documented proposals.
  • The dilemma: Fidelity to historical truth or novelty?

This congress is intended primarily for professionals and is at the same time a participatory event. The environment in which the congress is held facilitates informal discussions and individual initiative. There are no invited speakers or observers. Official languages are English and Greek. Organisation is strictly non-profit - none of the organisers receives a fee.

Those interested in participating are invited to send a letter to the secretariat. Research papers, as well as proposals for lectures, exhibitions or performances must be sent by email and on paper before 15 September 2002 for reviewing by the Scientific Committee. Please ask for details before sending your paper.

Secretariat: 8 Scholiou Street, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens, ph: (30.10) 324.6188, fax (30.10) 324.6921,, email


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