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Terms of use

The visitor/ user of these webpages and services consents to the following terms of use, about all content, pages, graphics, images, photographs and files included in the portal. They, therefore, have to read carefully the said terms before visiting or using the webpages and services of the portal. In case of disagreement, they may not use the services nor the content of the portal. The visitor/ user is requested to control the content of certain pages for eventual modifications. If they continue to use the portal even after the modifications, they implicitly consent to the modified terms.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

With reserve as to the explicitly reported exceptions (copyright of third party, contractors and institutions), the entire context of the portal, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, the provided services and, in general, all files hereto, consist intellectual property, registered trade and service marks of the said owner of the portal and are governed by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law, as well as of the International Conventions. Consequently, none of the aforementioned facts can be in whole or in part the object of vending, copying, modifying, reproducing, or republishing activities or be uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any way. There is an exception as to the individual storage of a unique copy or part of the context in a simple PC for personal use (neither public nor commercial) without deleting the indication that it has derived from the portal, without breeching in any way the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights. 

The context internal management software is intellectual property, registered trade and service mark of the constructor of the portal and it is governed by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law, as well as of the International Conventions. Consequently, it cannot be in whole or in part the object of vending, copying, modifying, reproducing, or republishing activities or be uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any way.

The rest of the products or services mentioned in the webpages of the said portal that bear the marks of the respective organizations, companies, contractors, institutions, associations of publications are their own intellectual and industrial property; therefore, the aforementioned entities are charged with the respective liability.

Liability of visitor/ user

The visitor/ user of the webpages/ services of the portal is liable for any damaged caused to the portal due to bad or malicious use of the respective services.

Liability limitation of Network

The portal's contents are provided as are, with no explicit or implicit guarantees. At the up most level and by virtue of the applicable law, the portal rejects any implicit or explicit guarantee, including, without limitations, any guarantee which results in marketing and appropriateness on specific purpose. The portal doesn't guarantee that webpages, services, choices and contents will be provided incessantly, nor that errors will be corrected. Moreover, the portal doesn't guarantee that the same or any other relative site or servers by means of which its contents are forwarded to you, will be provided to you free of viruses or other malware. In no case does the portal guarantee the correctness, entity and availability of the contents, webpages, services, choices or of their results. The cost for any eventual corrections or services is undertaken by the visitor/ user and in no case by the portal.

Waiver of legal advice

The contents and the information of the portal are offered to the visitor/ user of the portal and generally to the Internet users' community and cannot in any case be considered as legal advice, nor do they in any case imply any such attorney/ client relation, nor do they consist encouragement for following or not any specific actions. The portal undertakes to gather, elaborate and distribute its content, without in any case guaranteeing the correctness, entity, sufficiency and generally the appropriateness and the absence of any errors, particularly due to its large volume, as well as to the participation of third parties (people or entities) at its primary production and gathering. Therefore, visitors/ users of the portal, using its services on their own initiative, undertake the respective responsibility to cross-check the information provided here with the sources.

Links to other sites

The portal doesn't control availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and integrity of the services of other websites and pages to which it provides links, hyperlinks and promotional banners. Therefore, should any problem come about during your visit/ use of the content, you have to refer directly to the respective websites and pages, which are also responsible for providing their services. In no case should the portal be considered to share or to accept the content or the services of the websites and pages to which it refers or it provides links or is related to them in any other way.

Links to the Net

Links to the portal are only allowed towards its home page and not towards pages that possibly contain a password, unless it has been explicitly otherwise agreed between the owner of the contents and the institution that refers to them. Besides, those links should be created only by hyperlinks and not by images.

Applicable law and other provisions

The aforementioned terms and conditions of use of the portal, as well as any modification, change or alteration thereto, are governed and completed by the Greek and European law, and by the relevant International Conventions. Should any provision of the said terms become controversial to the law, it stops by right being valid and it is excluded from the present, without in any case affecting the validity of all other terms. The present document is the entire agreement between the portal and the visitor/ user of its pages and services and is only binding for the latter. No modification of the said terms will be taken into consideration, nor will it be part of the said agreement, unless expressed in writing and integrated in it.


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